SEXtortion cases increased by 500% due to Nude calls in Covid Time, the business is operated from small towns and the network extends from Rajasthan to Odisha

SEXtortion cases increased by 500% due to Nude calls in Covid Time, the business is operated from small towns and the network extends from Rajasthan to Odisha

Case 1 :

Avinash BS, a software engineer from Bangalore, received a call from social media. One of the women spoke naked. A few days later, they started asking for money. If they do not pay, they will be threatened with defamation. Worried about this, Avinash committed suicide on March 23 this year.

Case 2:

On April 22 this year, a BJP leader from Rampur in Uttar Pradesh received a similar obscene call and then began asking him for money. If you don’t pay, you threaten to viral the video. If they dare to lodge a complaint with the police on May 24, then the whole thing will surface. In both cases, it is common for a person to be photographed in an offensive position, make an obscene call on social media, and then perform blackmail. He, he collects money.

Sextortion India Rampur
In Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, a gang that blackmailed BJP leaders through naked phone calls was captured. The two defendants, Amir and Mustakim, are residents of Bharatpur, Rajasthan. The third defendant, Imran, is a resident of Rampur.

The police call this type of cybercrime sexual blackmail. Sextortion refers to extorting money through sex-related videos or chats. There have been such cases in the past, but during the confinement period, such cases increased very rapidly. Police officers said that the statistics of such crimes have not yet been fully analyzed, but in general, it can be said that the number of cases of sexual extortion has increased by five times, that is, as high as 500%. Sexual assault? Will a person start to be blackmailed for making a pornographic video call with someone?

The police told social media how their intimacy with someone increased, and then called them via video. When the man appears in a video call, the recorded pornographic video will be broadcast live. People exposed during the call during the pornographic video were asked to take off their clothes and then recorded their screens.

Subsequently, the same registration screen was sent to that person and they were blackmailed. To understand the suffering of the victim, how to recover money from the criminals, this can be better understood from the experience of the UP BJP leader as a victim of sexual extortion-I have one on my Facebook profile.

Inside Sextortion
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The woman was involved. He introduced me to a girl. He chatted with me on Messenger for a day or two, so I agreed to participate in the video call. At around 11 o’clock one evening, the girl made a nude video call. He recorded my video. Two days later, they started asking me for money, and then they asked me for 20,000 rupees.

I thought it was about 20,000, and then I thought, once I gave them money, they would continue to blackmail them. So when the next call came, I notified the police. Even after the police were notified, the blackmailers did not stop asking for money. They called me and threatened me to pose as a fake police officer from the Delhi Police Crime Division.

Even after that, the blackmailer said that his video had been put on YouTube. They told me that if you want to delete the video, please contact YouTube customer service. The victim also got a number. When calling you, you were told that if you want to delete the video, YouTube will need to pay a processing fee.

Ninety percent of the cases did not stand up for fear of defamation, but the videos of those victims are still on their phones. If it weren’t for being caught, these people would have started blackmailing. The leader of the People’s Party notified the police in time. In this case, the defendant was arrested by tracking phone calls, but in these cases, 90% of the victims did not appear before the police. “Criminal networks are spreading in many states and are catching up.

Inside Sextortion
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This is not easy. As far as the BJP leader in Uttar Pradesh is concerned, the criminals took away the SIM card on behalf of the workers in Orissa. Come. Some people in this band have also called from Delhi. Investigator Brajesh Singh said: “When we started the investigation, the cable was connected to Bharatpur and Odisha in Rajasthan. , Delhi and Mewat in Haryana. The call to the victim was made through a conference call. Come to a different place every time. Sometimes it’s Bharatpur, sometimes it’s Lampur. There are also some calls from Delhi. The difficulty lies in where to start the investigation.

Bank accounts with forged documents were also opened. After 15 days of hard work, the police could only track down one number. The victim is then asked to lure the blackmailer with cash. One of them came to Delhi to withdraw money, and then the police arrested him. Brijesh Singh said: “In the disclosure of the case, it was discovered that a young man from Rampur went to Rajasthan to sell pennies.

” The criminals contacted him here, and he received training in sexual extortion and cybercrime. After returning from there, he started the scam from Rampur. This group used people from Bareilly, Uttarakhand, Hapur, and many other areas. The police also contacted some victims, but they refused to come forward.

The number of cases increased during the confinement period. Did these cases increase during the confinement period? Regarding this issue, SP Cyber​​Crime Triveni Singh posted by the Uttar Pradesh Police Headquarters said: “During the confinement period, the number of cases has indeed increased. Resources are dedicated to investigating such crimes. UP police stated that most of these crimes were centered in Mathura, Bharatpur, and Mewat. Delhi Police spokesman Chinmay Viswal also stated that these cases have increased during the lockdown.

Cybercrime expert Pawan Duggal said: “The period of corona and confinement has become the golden age of cybercrime. These new cyber crimes are happening, which we have never seen before because people spend more time online during the corona period. During the total lockdown, we were all using data for 24 hours. These data are also used in crime.

Not a technical expert, but a gang for the less educated people to flee the village, UP officials and Delhi police believe that Bharatpur and Mewat are regarded as bastions of crime.

An official from the UP Police Network Department said: “This business is like a cottage industry. Thousands of young people are connected to it. Gangs are also training juvenile delinquency. Most of them are educated and run in the countryside. People with lower levels. “Sextortion has now become a cottage industry,” said internet expert Pawan Duggal. Before, these crimes came from abroad. Now they have moved to the city. During the corona, people are losing their jobs. In this case Many people are turning to cybercrime and sexual extortion because it allows them to make money easily. Tracking money is not easy.

The police believe that this business is multi-layered. The people who open accounts with fake documents are not the same, and the people who call are not the same. The same, and then the payee is different. SP Triveni Singh, a branch of the UP network, said that funds will be transferred to accounts that are sometimes opened in the name of rickshaw drivers or workers. He. When the police chased them up, they found that they were for one thousand. The greed of five hundred rupees provided criminals with their account information.

Some people don’t even know that their accounts are being used. Criminals transfer money from one account to another immediately after the transaction is completed. Then send the money. In the wallet. To some extent, they conduct multi-level transactions, so in the end you don’t know where the money is going.

Delhi police say people in remote areas of Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, or Orissa I am accustomed to opening accounts in places where the police cannot easily reach. Is the police capable of stopping such crimes? Lawyer and cyber expert Virag Gupta said that in such riots, fake Aadhar cards will be created and fake banks will be obtained based on these fake SIM cards Accounts and create social media profiles.

This means that the police, administrative departments, and regulatory networks have failed to perform their duties because bottom-up fraud has increased unabated. Pawan Duggal said how to collect network evidence, how to process data, and where to collect Data, these are the basic knowledge that every policeman should learn now, but it hasn’t happened so far. What if you get caught in a network of sexual ransomware?

The first step: Internet expert Pawan Duggal recommends that you save the link to the account first or Because with this help, the police can access the IP address operated by the blackmailer.

Step 2: The network branch of UP Police K SP Triveni Singh said that if you are a victim of sexual blackmail, please contact your local network immediately The team or the nearest police station report the case. In this case, the identity of the complainant will be kept strictly confidential. The blackmailer dials the phone by changing the number and provides the police with all the information.

Step 3: Supreme Court lawyer Virag Gupta said The police asked and answered the victim many times. Don’t worry about these questions and insist on registering your FIR. In this case, the case will be registered under the IT Act, Fraud (Article 420), and other parts of the IPC. Bring a copy of the police FIR. If the police act laxly, please seek the help of a lawyer immediately.

Article Based on a News by Bhaskar.com