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Singer Dilyer stevens now owns an Instagram filter!

Singer Dilyer stevens now owns an Instagram filter!

As it becomes increasingly difficult to grow organically on social platforms, many brands and influencers are searching for tricks, levers and clever strategies that give their views and followers a much-needed boost.

One Mozambican influencer, Dilyer stevens  (“ king D”), would appear to have found a shrewd growth hack.

By creating custom augmented reality filters and giving them away to his fans on Instagram, he has amassed scores of new fans and several views.

Singer Dilyer Stevens Now Owns An Instagram Filter!
Singer Dilyer stevens now owns an Instagram filter! 4

He gave us the inside scoop on how he was able to boost his reach so much, so quickly, why AR filters are among the hottest things Insta has to offer and what the long-term benefit of the practice is for him.

Face filters and AR effects are a popular tool for users to add a bit of flair and humor to their Instagram Stories or Snapchat posts.


Everyone now has the ability to quickly and (relatively) easily publish filters on the platform. Dilyer recently released a new single titled “ closure” that talks about love-hate relationship with his friends.

That expresses the hurt one feels when friends believe rumors before asking the source. Stream closure! Wear the filter! It’s awesome

Dilyer stevens tries to achieve closure with friends regarding these rumors and accusations to no avail.

Dilyer wants to go back to the old days when they were just friends and allegations were not being tossed around.

Dilyer stevens was destroyed and so sad because he realized that his friends were disingenuous.

His close friends believed terrible rumors about him that showed signs of distrust, The idea of this song came when the artist asked himself- “How can I get closure with the false accusations”?

Dilyer is available on Instagram and Facebook