Singhu border murder incident conspiracy of govt, alleges Rakesh Tikait|Unique

Singhu border murder occurrence conspiracy of govt, alleges Rakesh Tikait|Unique

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Image Source: INDIA television Singhu border murder conspiracy by government, alleges Rakesh Tikait|Special Farmer

leader Rakesh Tikait on Monday declared that the Singhu border murder incident– where an individual was eliminated by Nihang Sikhs– was a ‘government conspiracy’. He included that the gruesome murder must not be connected to the continuous farmers’ demonstrations.

In a special discussion with India television, Bhartiya Kisan Union (BKU) leader Rakesh Tikait questioned, “Why were the authorities uninformed of the incident? There were police, guards, and intel authorities present at the border during the time of the murder,”. He alleged that the murder was known to all and the authorities had supervision over the event.

The body of Lakhbir Singh, who was eliminated by Nihangs, was discovered on Friday connected to a barrier at the Singhu border with a hand chopped off and several wounds brought on by sharp-edged weapons. Hours after the crime, Sarabjit Sigh, wearing the blue robes of the Nihang order, claimed that he had actually “punished” the victim for “desecrating” a Sikh holy book.

Questioning his claim, the victim’s other half Jaspreet Kaur and sister Raj Kaur stated Lakhbir Singh “had a deep regard for the holy Expert Granth Sahib”.

“He was a god-fearing man who could not never ever consider desecrating a holy book … Whenever he used to go to a Gurdwara, he would pray for the wellness of his family and the society,” said Jaspreet Kaur.

He had no criminal record and there was no report of him being a bad character, the victim’s family said and demanded a top-level probe into the entire episode to draw out the reality.

Sonipat’s Deputy Superintendent of Authorities Virender Singh stated the overall number of accused in the killing might be more than five.

On the other hand, farmer union leaders asserted on Saturday that the occurrence will have no effect on the agitation and said they will upgrade security by installing CCTV cams and increasing the variety of volunteers at the demonstration sites.

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