Sonu Sood To Distribute E Rickshaws Starts With His Hometown Moga

Sonu Sood to distribute e-rickshaws, starts with his hometown Moga

Sonu Sood To Distribute E-Rickshaws, Starts With His Hometown Moga

Sonu Sood to distribute e-rickshaws starts with his hometown Moga

Actor Sonu Sood has decided to distribute electronic rickshaws to those in need in different parts of the country. He has started by distributing 100 e-rickshaws in his hometown Moga. The actor has started this initiative to help the unemployed, especially those, who have suffered because of the pandemic.

Sonu tells IANS, “I plan to distribute in as many states from Uttar Pradesh to Bihar, Jharkhand, Orrisa and more. For now, I have started with my hometown Moga, in Punjab.” Talking about the motive behind his action is his pledge to reduce unemployment.

“I want people to be self-reliant, so that they get employment and earn their own living. After the pandemic it became very difficult for many people to maintain their employment. E-rickshaws are a good way to help them. I would request everyone to not waste money or unnecessary expenses but instead give an e-rickshaw to someone in need so that they can help their families,”the actor says.

Earlier also Sonu has come in support of many initiaves. He organised residential accommodation for a group of elderly people whose video of being mistreated had gone viral on social media recently. He has also offered to build houses and arrange for food, water and other essential supplies for the affected elderly. A video surfaced showing a group of elderly people in Madhya Pradesh being mistreated by employees of the local municipal corporation, packed in a bus and dumped in the outskirts of Indore, on the Indore-Dewas highway.

In a video message, he said: “Yesterday, I had come across this piece of news where the elderly were ostracised from the city and dumped in the outskirts. I would like to urge my brothers and sisters from Indore to come together and work towards providing a roof over their heads. I want to give them their rights back. I would also like to distribute food and drinking water to them. All this will be difficult to achieve without your help. This should be a lesson to all the children out there who have left their aged parents.”

“They should hold them close and take care of them. Dear citizens of Indore, let us come together and set an example so that the elderly are never left to feel lonely and helpless. I will try to give them their rights back. This should be a lesson to all the children out there who have left and ostracised their aged parents. They should hold them close and take care of them,” he added.

In order to raise awareness on blood stem cell registration and donation,he had joined hands with DKMS BMST Foundation India, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the fight against blood cancer and other blood disorders such as Thalassemia and Aplastic Anemia.

He is known for his contributions towards the society especially during the pandemic. He has helped many people reach their home during the lockdown, provided many students with internet facilities so that they can pursue online education.

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