States’ ignorance of Centre’s letters on coal stocks led to present circumstance, say govt sources

Coal Crisis
Image Source: PTI States ‘lack of knowledge of Centre’s letters on coal stocks caused current scenario, state govt sources

The Centre is all prepared to meet the demand for coal by States and power companies and Trains. The government is ramping up its each day coal production from 1.94 million to 2 million tonnes within a week. Federal government sources said, “There is no shortage in the day-to-day supply of coal to States and power companies and we are preserving 5 days stock, in a month’s time the circumstance will be back to regular.”

“There are several factors for the current circumstance. Given that January, the Coal Ministry has been writing to numerous States to select up and stock coal in their particular states however no one attended. Coal India can equip up to a limit, if we stock more coal than limitation there is a threat of fire,” sources included.

Rajasthan, West Bengal and Jharkhand have their own mines however they did little to draw out coal. It is found out that in spite of clearances, a few of the state governments sat on choice and offered Covid and rains as factors for not doing adequate mining. Extended monsoon affected the mining and the shooting rates of imported coal likewise added to the existing scenario.

There is a 12 per cent fall in imports of foreign coal which power business blend to cut losses. Due to high prices, they likewise moved to domestic coal.

States have big pending dues of Coal India on them. It is found out from sources that Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu are huge defaulters. All States have dues of Rs 20,000 crore to be paid to Coal India.

Government sources said regardless of large amounts of dues, supply continues and we will continue to provide power and coal supplies.

Electrification of towns and industrialisation have also shot up the need. A government source stated that Delhi and Punjab shut coal plants like in Ropar and Bhatinda.

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