Making It Through Jada Pinkett ?? Accused Of Having ‘Relationship’ w/ Underage YOUNG BOY!!!

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett appear to be having an image crisis – and now some pretty severe allegations are being thrown at Jada, from top hip hop music manufacturer Daz Dillinger, MTO News has learned.Daz -who was a leading member of Suge Knight’s Death Row Records crew -is accusing Jada of supposedly having an unsuitable relationship with a minor young boy many years earlier. The kid who Daz claims was in a relationship with Jada was Chris Kelly, the departed rap artist from the popular 1990s hip hop group Kris Kross.According to Daz, Jada and Chris had some sort of”entanglement”in about 1993, which would

have made Chris around 14 and Jada around 22.< figure class=" l-inline tml-image m-detail-- tml-image-- inline"itemscope itemtype=""> Chris Kelly began using drugs as a teen and drug abuse afflicted his entire adult life, MTO News has discovered.

Tragically, Chris died from a drug overdose in 2013. Chris had a problem with drugs throughout his teen years and into the adult years. His substance abuse reportedly included cocaine and heroin. Following this, his life spiraled out of control and he was ultimately found dead in an Atlanta hotel room from a drug overdose about a years later.At the time, Jada supposedly had problems with drug abuse. She in previous interviews has said she had problems with drug abuse prior to conference Will Smith and her relationship with him assisted her recuperate.< source type="image/webp" sizes="(min-width: 1240px)700px,( min-width: 675px)620px, calc(100vw-40px)" srcset=" 380w, 620w, 700w, 1140w" >< aside class= "m-in-content-ad-row l-inline not-size-a not-size-b not-size-d">

Daz, nevertheless, made the explosive accusations about Jada and Chris throughout a podcast, MTO News has learned.Daz said in the interview,”You believe Jada was entangling, she was entangling with Chris Kelly from Kriss Kross.

“” He continued,”[ One time] we were kicking it with Chris and Jada was at the door … Chris said do not leave.”Listen: Chris went to the door and moments later, according to Daz, Chris returned to the room. Daz included,” He was [expletive] Jada at a young age, that was 1993.”In 1993- if accurate-Chris was 14 years of ages and Jada was 22. Daz offers no evidence to corroborate his claim that the two were apparently intimate. He likewise does not use any proof verifying the dates when this occurred. But that hasn’t stopped video of Daz’accusations from going viral across social media, MTO News has learned. This new”entanglement”allegation begins the heels of August Alsina’s shocking disclosure of his extra-marital affair with Jada Pinkett. According to August, he met Jada while going through a mental health crisis. August was a good friend to Jada’s boy Jaden, and the actress at first persuaded August that she might help him with his psychological health concerns. Ultimately the two ended up being associated with an intimate relationship. August was 25 at the time(of legal age)and Jada was 46.

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