Taliban chief reveals look, belying death talks

Taliban chief makes public appearance, belying death talks


KABUL: Taliban’s reclusive supreme leader, Haibatullah Akhundzada, made an unusual public look in the southern city of Kandahar, Taliban sources stated on Sunday, belying extensive rumours of his death. Akhundzada, referred to as the leader of the faithful or Amir ul Momineen, had not been seen in public even after the Taliban’s August takeover of the nation, generating the speculation.
A senior Taliban leader who was present with Akhundzada throughout the appearance said the supreme leader had actually visited Jamia Darul Aloom Hakimia, a religious school in Kandahar on Saturday. He went to the madrassa to “talk to his brave soldiers and disciples”, according to the intro to an audio recording distributed by Taliban social media accounts. In the 10-minute recording, he hopes for the Taliban martyrs, wounded fighters and the success of authorities involved in the “big test” of rebuilding what they call the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. “Let’s pray that we come out of this huge test effectively. May Allah assist us remain strong,” he stated. There was tight security at the event and no pictures or video have actually emerged.
As the Islamist movement revealed its interim government in September after US-led forces withdrew, the mysterious Akhundzada retained the function he has held because 2016 of supreme leader, the supreme authority over the group’s political, spiritual and military affairs. Though some officials state that Akhundzada has made unpublicised public looks before, this was the very first verified appearance of a male who has long kept a low public profile. The only image Reuters has been able to verify of him was an undated image published on a Taliban Twitter feed in Might 2016. This shadowy presence has actually led to continuous speculation about his whereabouts and health. Previously, the Taliban had actually not verified the death of their founder, and initial supreme leader, Mullah Omar, for several years.

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Taliban rejects reports of appointment of envoy to Pakistan


KABUL: Taliban have actually rejected the reports of any contract to reopen the Afghan embassy in Pakistan and the appointment of an envoy to Islamabad.
The acting deputy minister of info and culture, Zabiullah Mujahid stated that no arrangement has actually been reached so far on the reopening of the Afghan embassy in Pakistan, reported TOLOnews.
“Such a thing has not been formally approved,” TOLOnews estimated Mujahid as saying.
Earlier, the agents of the Taliban were sent to Pakistan for the operation of the Afghan embassy and consulate, reported the news channel pointing out an agency.
Especially, no nation on the planet has given main acknowledgment to the Taliban up until now.
With the relation between the previous Afghan federal government and the Taliban getting soured over the claims of kidnapping of the child of Afghanistan’s previous ambassador to Pakistan, the political experts lay their empty hopes on the Taliban to get the federal government official acknowledgment.
“Not only Pakistan but likewise other nations will quickly form relations with the foreign ministry of Afghanistan, and the fact that the regional nations have not closed their embassies in Afghanistan suggests tacit recognition,” TOLOnews priced quote political analyst Abdul Satar Saadat as saying.
Such hopes of the Taliban and sympathisers were doomed when Russia’s envoy to the United Nations emphasised their decision of not recognising the Taliban up until the fulfillment of all of its dedications.
“The problem of recognition increases at the time when the worldwide neighborhood is ensured that the promises and commitments made by the Taliban will be satisfied,” the news channel priced estimate Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations, Wesley Nebenzia as stating.
Interestingly, the UN has declined the election of the ambassador of the Taliban to the UN, Suhail Shaheen in a general summit in New york city, adding further to the humiliation of the Taliban.

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