The Biggest Drip on the rise

Drip Kultur is a rapper from Indiana that has this aura to him that is grandiose.

While 2021 was a big year for him, there is reason to believe that his 2022 will be even bigger.

Recently, Drip released a new banger called “BIGGEST DRIP.”

The Biggest Drip On The Rise
The Biggest Drip on the rise 2

“BIGGEST DRIP” is one of those songs that are both catchy and trill. The song features this uptempo trap beat that prompts Drip Kultur to hit us with steady flows and explosive deliveries.

He also hits us with lyrics that indicate he is a fresh ass dude and definitely sets his own trends.

All in all, “BIGGEST DRIP” is a great introduction to who Drip Kultur is.


“Biggest Drip” is currently on all platforms. Very high-energy and catchy song. Delivering hard punchlines and an addicting sound.

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NEW SINGLE “WURK IT” set to release 3-15-22

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