The Enduring Legacy of Donald Trump

The Enduring Legacy Of Donald Trump
The Enduring Legacy of Donald Trump 6

Today we discusses the enduring legacy of Former US President and a Very successful Business man and EX-Tv peesonality Donald Trump. From His business model to His personal style, there’s no shortage of things to remember about this American president. If you’re not yet convinced that the Donald is the right choice for the White House, keep reading! After reading this article, you’ll have a clearer idea of why He was impeached, as well as what He accomplished during his time in office.

Enduring legacy of donald trump

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The Enduring Legacy of Donald Trump 7

One of the most debated topics in today’s political climate is the enduring legacy of Donald Trump. His refusal to concede the 2020 election has stoked misinformation and suspicion among voters, and has led to violent riots in the US Capitol. While his refusal to concede the election may not have been a fatal mistake, it may have laid the groundwork for a new era of rivalry between the U.S. and China.

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The Trump administration’s botched response to the outbreak of the coronavirus is one example of how his presidency has left a permanent imprint. Of 44 presidents since 1789, only three have left as much of a mark. But Trump’s actions in the final year of his presidency have forged his enduring legacy. While he has shattered centuries-old norms, his administration has undermined democracy, deep divisions and racial tensions.

His business model

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What is Donald Trump’s business model? The eponymous businessman, a former President of the United States, has recently announced his first major deal since leaving office. And it has nothing to do with real estate! Apparently, the billionaire will be launching a social media platform. After Twitter and Facebook banned him after riots in the U.S. Capitol, it is unclear if he’ll continue his new venture.

His personal style

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The president is not the only presidential candidate with a swaggering businessman’s style. His wife, Melania, spends time on the fashion circuit, and his daughter, Ivanka, runs her own mid-priced womenswear line. Despite his fashion snobbishness, Trump’s clothes have been the subject of much controversy, and the protester who fat-shamed him is hardly an isolated incident.

As a businessman, President Trump applies his personal style in dealing with foreign leaders. He is known for using blunt language against adversaries, and he has used this style when dealing with the media. As a politician, however, he is expected to be more diplomatic and work through problems and compromises. However, his style hasn’t changed much since entering the political arena, and it’s only going to become more apparent in the upcoming summit with Kim Jong Un in Vietnam.

His impeachments

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The Enduring Legacy of Donald Trump 10

If you are wondering whether the impeachment process is a good idea, you are not alone. President Donald Trump is facing numerous investigations into his business dealings and ties to Russian hackers. Democrats tried to impeach Trump when they took control of the House of Representatives following the election, but were unable to convince Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Then a scandal arose that successfully swayed Pelosi into impeaching Trump.

There is a lot riding on the impeachment trial, though, which is why the Senate has so much power. Its rules make it difficult for impeachment cases to get a conviction. The only way to remove Trump is by majority vote. If convicted, the Senate will hold a second vote. As of now, there is no concrete timeline for the trial, but it may start as early as Wednesday afternoon. During the first trial, Democratic impeachment managers will present the case against the president, while former president’s lawyers will present the defense.