Track The California Blizzard With These Maps

Track the California Blizzard With These Maps

Track The California Blizzard With These Maps

A rare snowstorm could bring several feet of snow to mountains near Los Angeles.

Portions of California are expected to receive snow measured in feet and winds gusting to near hurricane force (74 miles per hour or greater) over the next couple of days, leading to blizzard conditions. Some mountains in Southern California could see rare snowfalls of up to seven feet, while other areas may get the first measurable snow in decades.

How Much Snow To Expect

Snow from the storm had already fallen across portions of California by Thursday evening.

How Much Has It Already Snowed?

As this storm system, called a “coastal-hugger” by some meteorologists, drifts south along the California coastline, it is expected to bring damaging winds across the state. Forecasters are expecting wind gusts of 55 to 75 m.p.h. across the mountains of Southern California, which would lead to whiteout conditions.

Estimated wind speeds on Feb. 23 at 3 p.m. Pacific


39+ m.p.h.

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