Trump Buddha Statues Are A Hit On Chinese E Commerce Site Heres Why

Trump ‘Buddha Statues’ are a hit on Chinese e-commerce site. Here’s why

Former Us President Donald Trump (File Photo)
Image Source : PTI

Former US President Donald Trump (File photo)

Donald Trump’s, the former US President (2016-2020), ‘Donald-buddha’ statues are becoming popular in a Chinese province after a local entrepreneurial furniture-seller started selling them.

Trump, who had always remained popular over his presidency conduct (right or wrong is debatable), ran his 2016 presidential campaign majorly on the phrase ‘Make America Great Again’.

Now a Fujian province Xiamen-based Chinese furniture seller using newly carved Donald Trump’s statue that closely appears to be Donald sitting in a Buddha posture is trying to convey this message “Make your company great again”.

In an interaction with state-owned publication Global Times, the seller from the Fujian province said, “most people just bought it for fun, adding that they only made 100 of the statues and have already sold dozens.” The seller said through the Donald-Buddha statue they wanted to incorporate the idea “Make your company great again.”

Trump’s statue is listed on Taobao is labelled, “Trump, who knows Buddhism better than anyone.” It’s price ranges from 999 yuan – 3,999 yuan (Rs 11,000 – Rs 2.90 lakh approx) depending on its size.

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