UN agency ends up report on flight diverted to Belarus

Un Agency Ends Up Report On Flight Diverted To Belarus
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UN agency ends up report on flight diverted to Belarus, MONTREAL: The report about the investigation into a Ryanair flight that was diverted to Belarus last year is complete, the International Civil Air travel Company said Monday, including that next actions will be embeded in late January.

UN agency ends up report on flight diverted to Belarus:
All 193 members of the ICAO, including the 36 states presently serving on the organization’s council, were offered access to the report Monday, the United Nations firm stated in a statement.

UN agency ends up report on flight diverted to Belarus:

The report information the situations around the May 23, 2021 occurrence in which Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko drew international outrage by sending fighter jets to obstruct a Ryanair flight from Athens to Vilnius.
The aircraft was forced to land in Minsk, where Belarusian authorities arrested dissident journalist Roman Protasevich and his partner Sofia Sapega, who were passengers onboard.

UN agency ends up report on flight diverted to Belarus:
Numerous countries, including the United States, Canada, Britain and the European Union announced sanctions versus Belarus in action.

UN agency ends up report on flight diverted to Belarus:

“Council representatives will formally think about any more actions to be taken by ICAO as an outcome of the report’s findings during a meeting currently scheduled for 31 January,” the Montreal-based company said.

“On that day the Council will also examine a request from Belarus concerning what the State considers to have actually been illegal limitations or sanctions which were positioned upon it in the consequences of the occasion, by other States and the EU,” it added.

The report, which had actually been formerly postponed, was made up by a team of ICAO detectives made up of experts in air security and navigation, airplane operation and international air law.

Published at Tue, 18 Jan 2022 03:57:39 -0500

Mexico news photographer killed; reporter slain recently


MEXICO CITY: A news professional photographer was killed in the Mexican border city of Tijuana on Monday, the same day press groups said a reporter had actually been killed in the Gulf coast state of Veracruz recently.

The 2 killings marked a grim start to 2022 in Mexico, which is considered among the most dangerous locations for reporters outside active war zones.

Professional Photographer Margarito Martinez was well-known for covering the criminal offense scene in violence-plagued Tijuana. He worked for the regional news outlet Cadena Noticias, along with for other national and worldwide media outlets.

Cadena Noticias reporter Antonio Maya said Martinez was attacked as a he left his house.
“He was coming out of his house when they opened fire on him,” Maya stated.

Also Monday, press groups say a Mexican journalist who slammed regional authorities in Veracruz state died, several days after he was discovered terribly wounded.

Jose Luis Gamboa was the director of the online news website Inforegio, in the Gulf coast state of Veracruz. Journalism group Reporters Without Borders composed that “Gamboa had actually knocked and strongly criticized the relations in between regional authorities and organized criminal activity.”

He had apparently suffered stab wounds in what might have been a robbery. He passed away at a health center in the state capital on Jan. 10, but his family members were not notified till Jan. 14.

Martinez and Gamboa were the first two reporters killed this year, however 48 reporters have actually been slain in Mexico because December 2018. Mexico is one of the most harmful locations for press reporters outside active war zones.

In December, a senior government human rights official said that 90% of crimes versus activists and reporters go unpunished in Mexico.

Alejandro Encinas, Mexico’s assistant interior secretary in charge of human rights, stated that in cases where the offenders have been identified, almost half are regional authorities.

Regional officials in Mexico are frequently angered by corruption accusations against them, but sometimes they are likewise in league with criminal or business interests.

Encinas said brand-new laws are needed to safeguard activists and reporters.

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