Vikram Bhatt Had To Ensure Sunny Leones Safety As People Barged On Anamika Set And Stalled Shoot

Vikram Bhatt had to ensure Sunny Leone’s safety as people barged on Anamika set and stalled shoot

Vikram Bhatt, Sunny Leone, Anamika

Vikram Bhatt had to ensure Sunny Leone’s safety as people barged on Anamika set and stalled shoot

Actress Sunny Leone is currently shooting for a web-series titled “Anamika” with filmmaker Vikram Bhatt. It is Leone’s first project that she is shooting for post the coronavirus-induced lockdown in the country. It is a Gun-Fu action series with 10 episodes. But something strange went on the sets of Anamika today. Things went out of hand when some people from the Fighters’ Association allegedly ‘barged into’ Anamika’s set demanding Bhatt to clear the dues of action director-stunt coordinator Abbas Ali Moghul.

Without a second thought, Vikram’s ensured that his lead actress, Sunny Leone, was safe. He immediately rushed her to the vanity van. Later, the shoot was stalled for the rest of the day. Reportedly, Vikram owed Abbas around ₹38 lakh for the eight shows they worked on together. They left only after he signed cheques of around ₹13-14 lakh.

In an interview with The Times of India, Vikram said, “I was bewildered. I really didn’t know what to do, but my first reaction of course was to ensure that Sunny Leone is safe. Soon, I was forced to send snapshots of the cheques that I will give Abbas. Later, a certain Murtaza from his team dropped by on the set to collect the cheques. By then, the sun had set and I could not complete the planned scenes.”

Further, while Abbas said that the Fighters’ Association is dealing with the matter, Vikram replied, “What are they talking about? Resolve what? If I missed two calls from Abbas, couldn’t he have reached out in several other ways? And mind you, it wasn’t ₹38 lakh that I had to give him. There was no agreement or contract that he had done with me. He didn’t even have an invoice to offer.”

Reportedly, Vikram sent a legal notice to Abbas to seek damages incurred owing to the shoot coming to a halt.

On a related note, Sunny will be seen in an action avatar as never before in Anamika. Written and directed by Vikram Bhatt, the series is produced by Bhatt and his daughter Krishna Bhatt, and set to release on MX Player.

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