Wendy Williams Identified Out. On A '' DATE ' w/ Ray J!!


Talk show queen Wendy Williams was identified out the other day, on what appeared to be a lunch date with Ray J, MTO News confirmed.

The two strolled arm in arm as they strolled around New york city -after grabbing a bite to consume together. Inspect them out – do not the 2 make a cute couple:


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Ray J, 40, and Wendy Williams, 56, triggered rather a stir on social media when the 2 were seen together recently. However Wendy immediately blunted all the reports, by calling Ray J her”little brother”on IG. Look: If Ray J and Wendy were to start dating, it wouldn’t be Ray’s first ever older lady. You’ll recall that Ray J was dating Whitney Houston prior to she unfortunately passed away. Of course there’s also another obstacle that’s avoiding Ray and Wendy from becoming a couple. Ray has an ENTIRE SPOUSE called Princess. The Discussion- Ray J & & Princess Love

Published at Mon, 28 Jun 2021 15:10:37 +0000