Where Ma Durga Concerns Commemorate: A Take A Look At the Chattaraj Family’s 200-Year-old Custom to Welcome the Goddess

West Bengal has a long tradition of extravagantly commemorating Durga Puja, an annual Hindu festival that reveres the goddess Durga. Elaborate pandals with big crowds, for many years they have actually become a popular display of imagination and splendour. The history of Durga Puja in Birbhum district returns to almost 200 years when Bhairab Chandra Chattaraj, a distinguished individual from Suri, West Bengal saw goddess Durga in his dreams where she instructed him to conduct Durga Puja celebrations at his home.

Since that day, Durga Puja has taken location in the Chattaraj family. Bhairab Chandra utilized to treat clients with snake bites. Puja at his temple takes location with tantra routines and goat sacrifice. Throughout the celebrations, loved ones of the family sign up with from throughout the world and they take pleasure in together.

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Chattaraj member of the family taking part in Pujo celebrations. (News 18)
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Shiladitya Chattaraj, a family member says, “Wherever we are all over the world we wait for ma to come and we boil down to Birbhum to take pleasure in Durga Puja, that’s the essence.”

On the Visarjan day, members of lower caste neighborhoods along with male family members carry the idol and walk up to the ghat. More intriguing is that the household members declare that the plate on which females provide their prayers to Ma constantly sees her footprints on the day of Visarjan.

The festivities and puja are conducted in the special verandah constructed for prayers, called ‘Thakur Dalan’. Likewise, the standard Dhak players are a huge part of the family, and throughout festivities, all members play “Dhak” together with these players. Pujo has to do with conventional heritage, emotions, and themes. In the previous couple of years, celebrations have actually ended up being popular tourist attractions.

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