Who is Krasimira Shatkova?

Recently mentioned name Krasimira Shatkova (e.g. Красимира Шаткова) is a corporate financier and CEO of SH Investments Group of Companies. With a background in the industry of over 9 years, her companies contributes to a lot Investment Projects in Europe in the past 2 years until now.

Krasimira is capable for finding compelling openings in new businesses as well as doing the perseverance to make conviction in driving the market. Past a monetary investment,her duties moreover incorporate making a difference new companies scale after they get financing.

Like her father, an engineer with two advanced degrees who built his own business, Shatkova has an entrepreneurial spirit. She tries to always be aware of her strengths and weaknesses, and what skills she needs to be successful.

Except with investments, Krasimira and her father have own Foundation called HJK. Here is what her representatives said “In 2012 she came with the idea, which saves lives today.

The starting capital of the foundation amounts to 570 thousand EUR and was donated until August 2013 to over 150 different causes”. Mr. D.P.M is sponsor and general manager of HJK.

Who Is Krasimira Shatkova

He manages projects related to the African region and visits every place where charitable activities are carried out by their foundation.

Unfortunately, we were not able to talk to Ms. Shatkova, but we hope that this will be possible in the future so that we can personally understand how such success is achieved.

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