Zomato Delivery Man Counters Bengaluru Womans Attack Accusation Food Delivery App Releases Statement

Zomato delivery man counters Bengaluru woman’s attack accusation, Food delivery app releases statement

Bengaluru Based Woman Accused Zomato Delivery Man Of Attacking Her
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Bengaluru based woman accused Zomato delivery man of attacking her

Hitesha Chandrani, a Bengaluru-based woman, shared a video on Instagram alleging that the Zomato delivery boy attacked her and injured her. The video instantly went viral on social media and the matter quickly accelerated. The delivery man named Kamaraj was delisted by the food delivery app and soon after Bengaluru police arrested him. Now a version of the delivery boy has also surfaced, which the woman accused of punching. Denying the allegations, Kamaraj said that he is innocent and the woman had hit her nose with her own ring. 

Kamraj told The News Minute that due to heavy traffic and bad roads, he was late to deliver Chandrani’s order. When he reached her residence, the woman was already in touch with the customer care of Zomato, who had cancelled the order. As per the delivery man’s version, she refused to pay him and denied returning the food packets he had delivered. Kamraj alleges Chandrani abused him and followed him to the lift. Kamraj claims to have run down the stairs to save himself.

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“When I was walking towards the lift, she started using expletives in Hindi. She suddenly threw slippers at me and started hitting me. For my safety, when she was hitting me, I tried to use my hand to shield her blows,” the portal quoted Kamraj as saying.  

“At this point, when she was trying to push my hand away, she accidentally hit herself with her finger ring on the nose, which led to the bleeding. Anybody who sees her face, will understand that this wouldn’t be created by a punch. And I don’t wear any rings,” he added. 

In the four-minute video clip posted on Instagram and Twitter, Chandranee could be seen with a bloody gash on her nose. She claiming that the delivery executive had attacked her after she confronted him over the delay in the delivery of her order. She also alleged that the delivery executive barged into her home and abused her as well. 

“The Zomato support system person in Delhi also supported me and offered me empathy after I narrated the ordeal that I had to go through. The problem is there is no CCTV footage to prove my innocence,” he told the portal. 

The delivery man says the police did not disrespect him in any way but now he will have to spend Rs 25,000 for legal expenses to prevent his arrest.

For the unversed, Kamaraj was arrested shortly after Hitesha Chandranee took to Twitter and Instagram to air her woes, tagging the city police, which asked her to provide the area details to assist the police.

Acknowledging her complaint, Zomato’s official Twitter handle mentioned that a local representative will be in touch with her shortly and provide all possible help in the police investigation. The food delivery app also mentioned that it has delisted the delivery partner from its app.

As per the latest development, the food delivery app’s founder has also released a statement over the issue. 

The police have registered a case and are investigating the matter.

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